Nicole Washington, Principal

Based in Florida, Nicole Washington provides higher education advocacy and strategic policy support at the national, state and institutional levels in the philanthropic, public and non-profit sectors. As a former open- and dual-enrollment student and teacher, she understands firsthand how education can transform lives, especially for low-income and minority students. This passion serves as the foundation for her work – advocating for policies that ensure students, at all levels, have access to high-quality educational opportunities and institutions provide credentials that are relevant and adaptable to an ever-changing world of work.  

Nicole’s combined experience as a teacher, gubernatorial advisor, higher education advocate, and philanthropic advisor, as well as public service on multiple public boards including Florida’s 2017-18 Constitutional Revision Commission, provides a unique perspective on how to leverage resources – including human and financial capital – to strategically advance policies that will increase outcomes for students, build stronger communities and a more talented workforce.